The Studienkolleg – The best preparation at Sprachakademie

Our Studienkolleg preparation courses prepare you for an academic study program at a local university or college. A Studienkolleg helps and supports all students who are already or almost enrolled at a German university. Although student applicants may have completed a foreign high school exam or diploma program, it unfortunately does not mean that it has the same academic weight as a German Abitur, as is often the case.

When do I need to complete a Studienkolleg?

As a rule, in Germany, a board for the recognition of foreign qualifications decides whether or not an enrollee must take part in a Studienkolleg. Yet, how can you pass the entrance exam for such a Studienkolleg?

How do I prepare myself for the Studienkolleg exam at Sprachakademie?

The test essentially consists of two parts: the German language and mathematics. For the German part, the following basic knowledge and requirements will be tested in which the use of a dictionary is not allowed:

• Vocabulary and general speech (no technical language)
• All tenses in active and passive (not including conjunctive)
• Adjective and substantive declination
• Subordinate clauses
• Prepositions

In mathematics, the following will be tested ( no calculators allowed):

• Basic calculations with all integers and fractions
• Basic principles of algebra (calculation with letters)
• Basic linear equations with or without two unknowns
• Quadratic Equations
• Exponentiation
• Geometric fundamental terms (basic area and volume calculations, intercept theorem, Pythagorean theorem)
• Linear functions and their representation in coordinate systems

For many years, participants have been preparing in the best way possible for the Studienkolleg with all its demands at Sprachakademie through intensive and relevant experience.
Get information free of cost or obligation so there is hardly anything standing in your way from studying here in Germany!


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Hanover – The center of high German

Hanover is the capital of Lower Saxony. In this region, people are known for speking an accent-free "high German.

The Hanover location is particularly important for those who want to pursue further education thanks to the city's four universities, the Medical School, the University of Music, Drama and Media, as well as further specialized colleges.

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