Crash course Preparation for the technical language examination

Our German preparatory course for doctors is aimed at foreign doctors who want to live and work in Germany.In order to take up a medical job, doctors must have the knowledge of the German language required to practice their profession.This course teaches general and specialist German language skills. The aim of the course is to prepare the participants for everyday work / everyday clinical work.The focus is on job-related communication with patients, colleagues and relatives. Speeches and structures are practiced that help the participants to cope with typical situations in everyday practice in a linguistically adequate and effortless manner.

This course prepares you specifically for the specialist language examination (FSP) of the Medical Association.

The specialist language test is carried out in various federal states by the medical associations.
Before you register for a binding examination, please always inquire at your responsible recognition authority about which examination you have to prove in your state for the approval!


Proven language skills Level B2


 Monday to Friday 9:00 to 12:15
(due to organizational reasons the course can be changed to 13:00 - 16:15)


8 weeks / 20 lessons per course week (* course length s.u.)


160 lessons with 4 registered persons
120 lessons with 3 registered persons


min. 3 / max. 10 participants per group

Registiration Fee

35 € / 150 € (foreign registration)

Course Fee

1,340 euros incl. Learning material

Examination Fee

Please ask the respective medical association of the federal states.

Couse content

The main topics are:

  • Healthcare in Germany
  • anatomical terminology / physical examination
  • Information and counseling interview
  • diagnostic procedures and diagnostic interview
  • anamnesis
  • patient Presentation
  • case presentations
  • Doctor-doctor-conversation / doctor-patient-conversation / doctor-member-conversation / doctor-nurse-conversationärztliche Dokumentation (Arztbriefe, Entlassungsbriefe)
  • medication
  • Specialized language / abbreviations
  • Techniques of medical interviewing
  • Intercultural Competence
  • transfer language
  • selected grammatical structures
  • exam format
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